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Easter Bunny Milkshake

Get the kids involved making this awesome this fun Easter treat!


* 60ml Red Elk Raspberry Mixing Syrup

* 350ml milk

* 1 scoop vanilla ice cream

* Honey

* Sprinkles

* Strawberry whipped cream

* White marshmallows

* Pink sprinkles (optional)


1. Place ice cream, raspberry syrup and milk into a blender and mix together.

2. Take your milkshake glass and a teaspoon and dip the tip of the back of the spoon into the honey, and paste the honey on the rim of the milkshake glass. Using this method will allow you to use a very small amount of honey, as using too much honey will make the sprinkles slide down the glass. Pour sprinkles on a plate and roll your milkshake glass rim into the sprinkles.

3. Pour your milkshake into your sprinkle rim glass. Top with strawberry whipped cream.

4. To make the bunny ears, take a white marshmallow and cut diagonally in half. The marshmallow will naturally curl into a bunny ear shape. To add pink into the ears, pour some pink sprinkles onto a plate and press the inside of the marshmallow onto the sprinkles. Place your bunny ears on top of the whipped cream to stay in place.

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