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Red Elk Beverage Co is a family run business specialising in premium soda, cocktail & mocktail mixing syrups. Our products are handmade in Australia.  We make our syrups from scratch using Australian cane sugar.  Our syrups are specifically designed to have lots of flavour, so you use less, making it lower in sugar.

Red Elk first started as the first manufacturer of mulled wine essence in Australia. Soon after promoting this product to locals and restaurants in Australia's Alpine region, Red Elk quickly expanded into mixing syrups and cordials for the summer. Our traditional recipes are over 40 years old, some even as old as 70 years. Because of this, we follow our heritage recipes to give you the same classic, refreshing taste that was enjoyed decades ago.

There's a reason why our selection of flavours taste so great. Compared to inferior mass market cordials and syrups, we don't add unnecessary ingredients to our recipes - it's great the way it is. Our products are delectable and versatile - we refuse to use gluten products, starches & artificial sweeteners. At Red Elk we are dedicated to creating quality drink products that are simply a quenchable, satisfying taste for everyone to enjoy.

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