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Hot Spiced Apple (Kinderwein)

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

This recipe is the non-alcoholic version of mulled wine. Because in Europe it's a common drink when celebrating Christmas, the kiddies want to get involved too. The recipe is exactly the same as our mulled wine recipe, you're just substituting the red wine for apple juice. You can also try this with unsweetened orange juice if you prefer a less sweet, tart taste.

This is a great treat to have by the fire - it's like drinking a liquid apple pie!

Hot Spiced Apple (Kinderwein)

Note: This recipe is made in ratios, for ease of use if you're making a large batch for entertaining or a glass for yourself.

(For example, if you were to make a 300ml cup, the ratio 1:4:1 would be 1 part = 50ml)


Method In a heatproof jug mix 1 part Red Elk Gluhwein syrup with 4 parts apple juice and 1 part water.

Heat in the microwave until warm at desired temperature (65C - 70C is ideal.)

Serve in a mug or glass tumbler and garnish (optional).

Some ideas...

  • Pre-heat your mug or glass with some hot water before serving, so the mulled wine won't cool off as quickly.

  • You can also make this recipe ahead of time and store in a jug in the fridge and use when it's ready to be heated.

  • We recommend using a reconstituted, unsweetened apple juice. You can try with fresh apple juice, however you may find the fructose will taste too sweet. Remember, apple juice from the shelf, not the chiller.

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